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  • We are starting our kitchen renovation!

    It has been a long time coming. We moved into our house two years ago and the first thing we did was put in new floors in the master bedroom and the main floor. We also painted and moved the cabinets. We were however stuck with the early 90’s blue laminate counter tops and the nasty old cast iron sink.

    Our main goal for this year for our home renovation is to get new quartz counter tops and an apron front sink. I am starting to make purchases because the work is going to start in a few weeks. I have spent countless hours online looking for what I want at good prices. Today I made my first purchases for some items in our kitchen and the renovation is starting to get real.

    I want to share the sinks and faucets I looked at purchasing because they were products with good reviews at amazing prices.

    I am not affiliated at this time with any of these products or the websites that they link too. I just spent hours looking for quality items for the best price and I want to help you to find good deals on classic elements so you don’t have to put the same amount of time into the research.

    When I am reviewing a product for my own purchase I have to consider the price, the material, and I always read the reviews. I take purchases very, very serious. As you might know my family tries to live simply and I don’t want to spend more then I need to. But at the same time I want to make sure my purchases are quality so that I only have to buy them once.  I am a minimalist and even though my motto is “buy once, cry once” I still want to be wise about how I spend my money. 

    My intent with this post is to share these good deals with you. I am in no way responsible for the actual quality of these products. I have done my best to read reviews but there can always be variations from the norm. 

    Lets start with sinks

    For years I have planned on using the IKEA DOMSJO sink. I loved the look of the drain board on the back and the apron front. Many of my friends and family have installed the DOMSJO sink and I loved the price. To my luck and dismay IKEA discontinued it a couple of years ago and replaced it with HAVSEN. I even made a special trip to an IKEA to check out the new sink (the closest one is 6 hours away). I do not like the new style of sink and it’s squat look. HAVSEN doesn’t get great reviews. I was bummed, and soon realized I would have to start to find an alternative sink option that was comparable in cost. This was no easy feat. 

    We ended up purchasing this Saralai 30 inch single basin sink. It was $419.00 with free shipping from Amazon. I like it because it is the size I need and it comes with the metal rack in the bottom and a rubber tablet for the bottom of the sink. 

    I almost purchased this sink. It’s price is $399.00. Which is an amazing price. I only decided against it when I put it in my cart and saw that it was extra shipping. I can purchase a sink locally for the price of this sink after shipping. Regardless this is still an amazing value. 

    This sink is actually at Home Depot. Initially I was planning on walking into my local store and purchasing it off the shelf. It is $499.00 which puts it right in the ballpark of the best prices I can find on Amazon. 

    This sink is also on Amazon. Its listed at $477.00 with free shipping. I like it because it has the thicker walls which in my opinion makes it look more high end. 

    I didn’t find a lot of double basin sinks that were great prices. There are some out there, I am sure. However I personally prefer the single basin farm sink. Our current sink has two basins (one side is actually designed to be shallow) and I have really started to despise the double basin style. I like a nice big sink that you can stack a lot of dishes in. If you are looking for a double basin sink then you might still like the IKEA HAVSEN sink but I am not going to link up to it because it doesn’t get great reviews. 

    Lets move on to faucets

    Shopping for faucets felt like falling into a rabbit hole. There are thousands of choices. I have an extremely tight budget. My father, who does construction for a living gave me some advice.  He strongly suggested that I buy a high end faucet. His logic made a lot of sense to me because getting behind an apron front farm sink to change out a faucet that has broken or is under preforming is going to be a lot of work. That said, I couldn’t spend much more then 100 dollars on our faucet so it was a challenge to find high rated budget faucets in the style that I want for my kitchen.  I am going to link up all the styles of faucets that I found that I considered since many of them are popular right now.

    This is the faucet I ended up buying for $94.00 with free shipping. It has pretty stellar reviews and the style is pretty close to the look that I want. It also comes in oil rubbed bronze, but the only negative reviews it has are in regards to the dark finish of the oil rubbed bronze chipping off. That is a very common issue with “painted” faucet finishes. Many people in the review section with verified purchases mentioned the weight and feel of the faucet, that it was heavy and felt high end. 

    I was really tempted by this faucet. It has pretty good reviews and this style is really popular right now. My sister actually has one like this installed in her kitchen and I looked at it very seriously. Ultimately I decided that this was a bit too industrial of a look for my style. I still like this faucet though. Its listed at $89.99 with free shipping. 

    VESLA HOME Single Handle Pull Down Sprayer Lead-Free Oil Rubbed Bronze

    I threw this one oil rubbed bronze faucet in the line up here. I was soooooooo tempted to purchase one. I love the look of the dark finish. This one is listed at $69.99 with free shipping. This finish is so popular right now but buyer beware, it does not age well. For that reason I decided against this faucet. It does get decent reviews. Its a little less expensive then the other faucets I have included here and I think the reviews reflect that. 

    I love this bridge faucet from Home Depot. I love the old school look. The only problem I have with this style and why I didn’t purchase it for myself is that I need a pull down sprayer. I have an oddly placed window behind my sink that the pull out sprayer nozzles just have too much pressure for. This super classic faucet is listed at $128.00 but at the time of my post, the chrome is on sale for $89.99.  It comes in brushed nickel, chrome, or oil rubbed bronze. 

    Hopefully this post will be helpful to you. I can’t wait to share our progress! Have you found any budget items that are good quality for your renovations? Let me know what your favorite farmhouse sinks and faucets are I would love to check them out. 

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