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  • Simple living is making what you can instead of buying it. Simple living is keeping only what you need or can use and not having a ton of extra stuff. Simple living is careful consideration before making any purchases to be sure you won’t take on the burden that excess brings into your life and home.

    Simple living is reducing clutter and having space in your home. Simple living is minimalism, but minimalism is different for everyone. Minimalism does not have to be living with nothing, or decorating in only black and white colors. Minimalism is having a clean home and a clear path that does not get distracted by consumerism.

    Simple living allows you to accomplish your goals even though you may only have a very small budget.

    We live on one very modest income yet are still able to own our own home and renovate it in a slow and steady manner.

    We enjoy a clean simple yet beautiful aesthetic. I like to think my style is classic and elegant with a touch of charm. I get to express my style because I have a clean slate to work with instead of a home filled with clutter.

    Because we live simply we also live naturally.

    The two lifestyles go hand in hand. We make what we can instead of buying it. We make our own sourdough bread. We make most of our meals at home from whole food ingredients. We make our own cleaners, soaps, salves and remedies. We do a lot of work around our home by ourselves instead of hiring out. We grow a garden and keep chickens.

    We enjoy time outside working, playing, and living. We spend a lot of time together as a family. We are happy.

    Join us on our journey and see what simple living can do for you.

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