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  • I love fresh flowers in my house One of the reasons I grow a garden …

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  • I love fresh flowers in my house

    One of the reasons I grow a garden is to have fresh flowers and foliage to bring in to my interiors for half the year. I has taken me a few years at each house to get enough flowers growing outside, that I feel like I have enough to cut to bring inside. 

    One of the things that was nice when we bought this house was the beautiful lilac bush growing out in the middle of my front yard. I have since found several more that were hiding in shady areas that didn’t bloom. I have been working on moving them to sunnier spots on my property but that needs to be done before they wake up in the spring. 

    Lilac blooms make great cut flowers if you know how to make them last

    Besides the fact that they smell so heavenly lilacs are an extremely nostalgic flower. Almost everyone remembers them in one shape of form from the pleasant parts of their past. I remember them blooming in the summers of my childhood. For me they were the true heir bringers of summer. 

    Where I grew up lilacs didn’t flower until early June. Where we live now they bloom in May so they have more springtime connotations for me now. Many of you in warmer regions see them much sooner in April or even late March. I love to go clip a giant basket and bring them in to enjoy at least one time each season. Even though for some, this post may be a little late for this year my hope if for you to have longer lasting blooms as cut flowers in the future. 

    Lilacs come in many colors. You can find them from lavender to purple, to pink and and even white.

    There are two main things you need to do when you clip lilacs to bring them indoors. 

    1. Once they are inside, strip the stems of all the leaves.
    2. Mash the bottoms of the stems where you cut them,  or slice them in half and separate. This allows them to bring more water up the stems, keeping the flowers fresh longer. You only want the bottom 1 inch or so of the stem to get his treatment.

    If you have any flower preservative packets for the water you can add that as well. I had one left over from a few weeks ago when I bought a bouquet, but you can also use a crushed aspirin. This helps the water stay clean from bacteria. 

    When I arrange lilac blooms I like a little green from the leaves peeking through. Since I just stripped all the leaves from the stems I often just poke some of the leaves (they will be on stems of their own) into the bouquet around the edges. 


    the more lilacs the better since they smell so good.

    When they are cut and in vases around your home you might notice that they put off their heavenly scent most often in the evening. I just enjoy relaxing and smelling the smells of spring drifting through my living room or next to my bed. 

    Remember, when the blooms start to wilt its time to let them go. You don’t want to keep them past that time as they will start to decay and mold. 

    Lilacs bloom on new growth. So when you cut them to bring the blooms indoors this sets the plant up for more blooms the following spring. Don’t ever prune or cut your lilacs after the blooming season is over. If you cut off new growth then the lilacs will not get any flowers the next year. 

    What types of flowers do you love the most to cut and bring into your home?



    1. May 22, 2019 / 11:13 pm

      Those are beautiful and I do love the smell! Thanks for the post, I don’t have a green thumb at all so I need all the help I can get.

      • pinetreefarmhouse
        May 23, 2019 / 4:32 am

        Well, lilacs are super easy to grow as long as they have sun. I am glad you liked the post.

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