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  • Join Us This Week for Wellness Wednesday where we talk about healing food

    I have teamed up with some amazing women bloggers to bring you Wellness Wednesday. Together with Shellie from Shellie Lynn.com,  Stephanie from Steph’s Social Pie, and Michelle from Garden of Aquarius  we will share with you our knowledge  to help you live a happier, healthier life. Join us twice a month for some of the best information we can give you to from our journey to yours.

    Herbal rosemary Lemonade

    Earlier this week I shared how I  bring extra flavor and nutrients to my home cooking by using fresh herbs. I included a recipe for herbal Rosemary lemonade. It is such a refreshing beverage for warmer weather.  You can get this delicious recipe here: Cooking With Herbs and Herbal Rosemary Lemonade.


    Homemade Vanilla Extract

    Vanilla Extract is a must for any home kitchen. I can’t survive without it. With the rising costs and questionable ingredients found in some store bought varieties you will always be better off just making your own. To learn how to make your own vanilla extract for just pennies go see what Michelle has to say with her: Practically Free Homemade Vanilla Extract Recipe.

    Learn about foods that boost your mood

    Shellie is one of the most inspirational health coaches out there. I love her knowledge base and how much she can teach about how to live a healthier life. Go learn some amazing information on plant based foods that will boost your mood from her at: 9 Plant Based Foods That Will Boost Your Mood.

    Have you heard about the dopamine diet? Stephanie’s article about it so informative. She gives some great information about healthy foods that can help you feel the powerful effects of dopamine.  I am over the moon about the recipes she links too. To enjoy the powerful effects of this diet learn about it straight from her at: Dopamine Diet, Eat Your Way To Happiness. 

    Keep an eye out for future Wellness Wednesday’s where we will continue to share what we know to help you live your best life. 

    Thank you so much for stopping by.


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