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    these are the Easiest, softest, best tasting cinnamon rolls you will ever make

    I am making some big claims here but my family is just in love with this cinnamon roll recipe. They are so easy to make that I have to actively resist making them every single weekend for the sake of my waistline. 

    I use my sourdough starter and my grandmothers tips. She taught me how to make yeasted cinnamon rolls many years ago. My childhood is filled with memories of her making cinnamon rolls and then sharing them with me. I want my kids to have the same warm memories about my cooking. Therefore, since I want to make them every weekend and can’t (or shoudn’t) I make them only 2 or three times a year. Once in April, Once in October and sometimes for Christmas. 

    These Cinnamon Rolls are so amazing there is not much to say. So I will just tell you how to make them.

    There is only three things  you need to make them… I will provide the links and you just need to read this article all the way through so you know what to do when it comes time to make them. 

    There is only one hard part about this recipe. I find it best to make the dough and roll them up the night before you want to eat them. So for me I normally make them at about 10 PM on a Friday or Saturday night. And sometimes at that time of the day I just want to go to bed.

    The good news is that it takes only 10 minutes to get them made but add another 5 minutes to clean up for good measure. 

    Here is the process

    Mix up a basic sourdough bread recipe. I have one and you can go here to get it if you missed it.

    Once the dough is mixed and is not sticky take it and roll it our into a long rectangle or oblong shape. 


    Spread butter over most of it. Just leave a small ribbon without butter at the bottom of the rectangle of dough so it will stick together when you roll it up.

    Sprinkle sugar and cinnamon all over the butter. The amount is up to you. I like a lot of cinnamon, and a modest amount of sugar (1/4 cup ish). 

    Roll the dough up into a log and slice into 1 inch rounds. I have been doing this for years and for some reason have never gotten an even number to fit in my pan. So just arrange them the best you can and give them room to grow. Once they rise and get baked no one will notice if there are only 3 in one row and the rest have 4 per row.

    Grease a large 10 x 20 glass baking pan (if you don’t have one that big you can use two smaller ones, or two round cake pans, whatever works). 

    Place the dough rounds into the pan and leave some room in between them. Cover the pan with greased plastic wrap. I just spray my pan and plastic wrap with coconut oil.  Let the pan sit overnight.


    The cinnamon rolls need to be cooked fairly soon in the morning. When you wake up check on them, they should have risen to fill the pan. When I make them at 10 they need to be baked no later then 8 AM. In the summer sooner. If you like to sleep in to 10 then you will need to make the dough a little later in the night to compensate. Remember sourdough will fall like yeasted dough if it rises too long. 

    If your starter is not as fast rising as mine then you can adjust the sitting time for next time. Just take a little note to help you remember. Everyone’s starter will be a little different as starter reacts to the environment. They will rise faster in the summer when temperatures are warmer and slower in the colder months of the year. 

    BAKE at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. I like my cinnamon rolls to be soft so I don’t let them brown much. Don’t worry, they will be done. 

    Let cool for about a half hour and then cover in your favorite topping. We like cream cheese frosting but in a pinch I will make a lemon glaze that is pretty tasty too.

    Cream Cheese Frosting

    1/2 cup softened butter

    8 oz softened full fat cream cheese

    1 tsp vanilla extract

    3-4 cups powdered sugar

    Mix the butter and cream cheese until fully combined. Then add the vanilla and powdered sugar. Go slow with the powdered sugar so you don’t make the frosting too stiff. If it gets too stiff add a tablespoon of milk until it is at the right consistency.

    Lemon glaze

    1-2 cups of powdered sugar

    1 tsp lemon juice

    2 tsp milk

    1 tblsp lemon zest

    Mix all together. If its too runny add more powdered sugar. If its too stiff add a sprinkle more of milk. 

    Quick Recap

    Baking with sourdough is more of a process and less of a recipie. If you have a starter and can make a basic bread then you can make almost anything you can think of. I will list out the steps below and the links to my information for the starter and the bread dough. 

    At around 10 PM mix up a basic bread dough with your sourdough starter

    Roll it out into a large rectangle

    Spread butter, cinnamon and sugar on the dough

    Roll it up and cut into 1″ rounds. 

    Place in greased pan and cover with greased plastic wrap.

    Get up in the morning and put the pan in the oven at 350 degrees. Don’t forget to take the plastic wrap off.

    Bake for 20 minutes.

    Let cool for 20 minutes and then frost with your choice. 


    Link to basic sourdough bread recipe. 

    Link to starter info.

    Normally we try to live sugar free, but life is worth living. I can justify making these tasty treats a couple times a year. While they may not be healthy, they will be worth it! Enjoy and let me know how you like them.



    1. April 8, 2019 / 8:27 pm

      We’re doing a family brunch this weekend.

      THIS is what I’ll be making.

      I literally started drooling when I saw the photo….drooled even more as I read the recipe.

      Thanks for sharing! I’ll be sure to let you know how much my family loves it! <3

      • pinetreefarmhouse
        April 8, 2019 / 9:16 pm

        Thanks! Yes please let me know how it goes!

    2. April 10, 2019 / 2:19 am

      I would not feel guilty about eating these cinnamon rolls. They are made from scratch with high-quality ingredients, and clearly, they’re made with love. I’ll take that over a store bought or concession stand cinnamon roll any day.

      • pinetreefarmhouse
        April 10, 2019 / 2:50 am

        Thank you! I do love that they are sourdough which makes them healthier then normal cinnamon rolls!

    3. Jennie Post
      April 24, 2019 / 6:11 am

      You make this look so easy! Which is very encouraging because I have gotten out of the habit of baking anything other then Chocolate chip cookies. Thank you for the link to a sour dough bread recipe too. Love all your posts. This is becoming my favorite blog.

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