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    Fresh air brings clean air into a room. Think about the musty smell your room has when you wake up first thing in the morning. Think about when you just can’t get moving, that you are a little like that musty air. You are a bit sluggish, sour, and unsocial. By opening a window and breathing in outside air you are flushing out those negative feelings and allowing in positive emotions that can change your day. If you have time and are able, take it one step further and go outside for a short brisk walk. There is nothing like getting your body moving to snap you into further action.


    Flowers and greenery are a little bit like opening a window. They bring a fresh feeling into your home and can inspire you by their beauty. When you put fresh flowers in a room you may just feel you want to clean the rest of the room so you can enjoy them. They don’t have to be expensive, cut some from your yard or pick up a five dollar bundle from your local grocer in a color you love. Look for these long lasting varieties, Alstroemeria for up to two weeks, Carnations for up to three weeks, and Chrysanthemums for up to four weeks.


    Essential oils pack a powerful punch when it comes to smell. They have many different attributes to influence the way we think, and feel. Some oils can energize, some can calm and clarify. Lemon is well known to be an energizing scent but there are others that can work just as well depending on your mood. Look for the following oils as they are all some of the best for boosting motivation; Spruce, Lavender, Rosemary, Peppermint, Citrus, Roman Chamomile and Ylang Ylang.

    Next time you are having a slow and rough day, use one of these methods to boost yourself into motion. They are simple and easy and will make you feel so much better then if you spend all day on social media.

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